Hounds of Love Volume 2: Don’t Get Too Wasted During Frosh Week!

Hounds of Love Volume 2: Don’t Get Too Wasted During Frosh Week! All things big and small change in Hounds of Love’s second collection running from 2010 to mid-2012 as the teenaged canine couple graduate from high school and must part to attend their respective institutions of higher learning as Tyler is off to the University of Ottawa and Melita is going to, of all places, Boston’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology!

They’ll meet friends new and old that will alter their relationship in more ways than either of them expected with their new surroundings and experiences, including the introduction of girl genius Daffodyl Manila, an addition to the Cocker clan, as well as Tyler’s younger sister Millie growing up. Plus a sketchbook gallery and a full all-new colour mini-story exclusive to this collection, “Kiss the Chef”!

Paperback: 124 pages (28 colour pages, 96 black/white pages)

Publisher: Julian Bynoe/Snow Leopard ArtsEntertainment (First printing, March 2017)

Product Dimension: 15x24 cm. (6 1/2 x 10 in.)

ISBN: 978-0-9959094-0-3

Language: English

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