Blanche Carte 2

Blanche Carte 2, a purposely backward variation on the French term carte blanche is what the title suggests: a free artistic license of various and exclusive comics, artwork and stories of some of the many characters and topics from the Snow Leopard ArtsEntertainment universe, all done in a full-colour, 20-page comic book featuring: "Blossoming Dearies," a first-bra shopping story with Airelle Sauvages and Sienna Naak of GAIAZONIAS; "Canada in 150 Panels!" commemorating Canada's 150th year of Confederation in 2017 and the dance musical comic "Long Black Nylons" as performed by Lotus Bloom's Legeia.

Publisher: Julian Bynoe/Snow Leopard ArtsEntertainment (First printing, July 2017)

Product Dimension: 15x24 cm. (6 1/2 x 10 in.)

Languages: English; Spanish (with English subtitles)

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